Thursday, February 25, 2010

Choosing Joy…..

Choose Joy. Several times over  the last week I have heard this statement. Over the course of any given week, my life journey takes me down many roads. Long winding roads, straight roads , muddy roads , beautifully landscaped roads,  and dark pot hole filled roads. Although, the scenery is different on each path, I am the same. Each road brings it’s own successes and failures. That being said, I have confession,I think know I‘ve been focusing to much attention on the failures . My own personal failures and those of my family. It’s an easy thing to do. In our world and culture it’s quite easy to find the negative and the cons to almost every issue/situation. You have to really work to find the positive points. Today, I want to  a different journey. A journey that purposes to build hope, nurture dreams , and believe the impossible.  Most importantly, a journey  that CHOOSES JOY!


Adriane said...

Timely words for me. I have been telling myself daily to choose joy. I wish that I could say I always do but... :0) Thanks again for the reminder. Praying for you in your journey of life. Love, Age

Brooke said...

a great message and so true. so easy to lose joy in the trails of the day thanks for the reminder

MichelleZ said...

Great post and a wonderful message. I am glad that you started following my blog, I read your last three posts and am hooked. I look forward to more inspiration.

You have a beautiful family.