Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our Southern Snow Day!!!!!!

Very rarely do we get snow here in our neck of the woods. In fact, many winter seasons come and go without me ever REALLY unpacking and wearing all my favorite heavy coats, mittens, scarves, scully caps, and boots. Sooooo, when the forecast predicted a "wintry mix" a few weeks back, I disregarded it. Did not even bat an eye at making any real preparations for "wintry weather". What do those weather guys know anyway? And how often are they WRONG!!!!. Was I in for a surprise when I got up to let Bella (our cocker spaniel) out for a morning potty break. Without even thinking I opened the door and told her  to "move,qucikly". Sensing her hesitation, and feeling that cold draft (brrrrrr), I peeked out to see this:

WOW!!!Serves me right huh? Having grown up playing in snow, it was a beautiful sight, but the last thing I wanted was to GO out to PLAY in it. Of course that's exactly what my little ones wanted to do. Even though it was only 7 am. After some coaxing ( hubs was on board with me) we all bundled up. Albeit in a rag tag fashion, 'cause of course we had no clue where our REAL winter gear was. Since winters here are usually pretty mild, all we had readily available was a few light jackets.  On average,our  lows are in the upper 40's and 50's on a really cold day.  Here are some snap shots of us enjoying our southern snow sent straight to us from God! My three year old excitedly exclaimed " Mom, God sent us frosty kisses from Heaven!!". So to sum it all up.

Headed to Grandparents to play!
Our poorly atempt at a Snowman!

Our Snow Expense Chart:
$35 Take -out Pizza for Dinner Day # 1
$8 Spent at local Dollar Store to purchase  Extra Mittens and Scullys
$ 14 Ready cut Wood for Fireplace
# of minutes wasted  searching for  elusive snow gear: 45
# of minutes to discover the little ones had outgrown their super cute snow boots: 20
2 1/2 Gorgeous, Super Fantastic snow days away from work&school with the family= PRICELESS

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