Saturday, February 20, 2010

Critics......summed up.

A fellow homeschool Mom contacted me this week to give me some "correction". She wanted me to know that she has been following me on here and that I was WAY off base as a blogger. She told me, I should tighten my ship up an turn on spell check, and to make sure that I always have, subject/verb agreement. I took her advice....I thought about it for over 4 hours....know what I came up with. BUZZZ OFF!!!!! Last time I checked, this was MY space. I spend my day molding the lives of 7 little souls and encouraging women to nurse their babies. While those pursuits are quite noble and bring me immeasurable joy; they each are only a fraction of who I really am.  At the end of those actvities I need a place that is my own. A place where I can be me...unwind...let my hair down and just BE !!! This is that spot, for the time being. If you don't like it ...don't read it! And  you know what really gets my goat about the whole thing. She has not come of of the "shadows" to follow me publicly. She just stalks and critiques and goes on and on about what I am not . All in the comfort of being anonymous. Well guess what I'm a be me. That's right...(I was told I should avoid cultural vernacular as well ; ) WTH???  And by the way, if you are looking for a well written blog in which grammar and puntuation  rules are never ignored....this aint that spot. But I'm sure you knew that already.


Tanashia said...

Well written! ;)

CandidCrystal said...

Good for you! Coming from a person who took WAY too long to realize "who gives a rats patootey what they think!"....I'm SO proud of you! Those were four hours you totally could have been doing something you enjoy. The nerve of some people!