Sunday, August 23, 2009

So Frustrated!!!!!

Frustration seems to be the feeling of the month. It seems that I am met with that same nagging emotion at very turn. I must be swimming in circles that are too big, too different, too rich and the list goes on,and on and on. I'm having a real hard time connecting lately, Is this the sweet savior telling me to turn around and pull myself and the kids out of everything. I kid you not, I want to VOMIT a great deal lately. I just may blow my top if one more person tries to sway me to their side!!!!!!!! Just leave me be! I have plenty enough drama, and issues of my own. Please don't force your judgement upon me too! Recluse living sounds really good right now to me.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another Late Sunday Morning

I got up this morning thinking I totally had it all together.....only to find out this morning was going to be like most other Sunday mornings at our house. Wake up, tend to my personal needs, wake up kiddos and shuffle them along getting ready for church. Since church is a 30 to 45 min drive we need to leave home a full hour before Sunday school starts. At 9:15 I was still not dressed and looking for belts and shoes that were supposed to be found last night. So here I sit at the compute angry, and more that a little bit frustrated at my failed attempt to have the entire family ready and out the door on time AGAIN. Awww man, another crazzy day in the life of a large and somewhat disorganized family. Despite my best laid plans.