Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Birthday Boys…

Matthew David 
3 lbs. 1.6 oz    15"  8:12 a.m.
0000000600000017 Mason Curtis
2lbs. 13.4 oz    151/2"  8: 20 a.m

Eleven years ago this past Monday my twin boys were born. What a fantastic, fun filled and interesting journey parenting those guys has  been. I’ll never forget the day we learned that you guys were two babies instead of one. We went in for a ultrasound to validate my due date of July 30,1999.  The tech asked ,“ Ummmm, what kind of car do you guys drive?” Daddy and I looked at each other, thinking that this was a strange question to ponder at the OB Gyn office. I told her we drove a truck. She laughed hysterically and replied” You might want to get a minivan….you got two little ones in there”. “WHAT???” we both replied. 00000022
The first night home.....

00000028 Making mischeif under the crib...

Proudly displaying your toothless grins...

That visit took place the last week of January. Little did we know that you guys would make your debut a very short while later. The morning you were born begin like any other day. We got up got made breakfast and got ready for work and school. That day easy special because it was Daddy’s 25th birthday. Though we did not have any really special plans, I was trying to make a special breakfast for him before work. That morning,although my back was aching pretty bad; I resisted the urge to lie down. Eventually,  I gave up and cooking and decided to just buy breakfast instead.  On the way to get breakfast , I began to feel the urge to go to the bathroom. I told Daddy I needed to go REAL bad.00000043 We agreed that I would wait till we got to the cafe and I’d use the restroom there. You guys had other ideas. At the next stop light , I told Daddy “ I can’t wait”. He laughed and ribbed me about the chips and salsa I ate at midnight the night before. I assured him that we were in a urgent situation. Before I could convince him I was in no mood for jokes, Matthew was beginning to slide out.  We got to the hospital just in time for the Dr. to discover that Mason was breech and  had to be delivered . Thankfully all was well with both of you despite being 3 months early. After a 6 weeks NICU stay , you were discharged  and life has been non-stop ever since.  In a span of 8 minutes, I we went from being a family of four to a family of six. And live has never been the same. You guys have blessed my life in immeasurable ways and teach me new things daily. I thank God for choosing me to be your Mom.00000001

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The ball has dropped…..well sort of…

Well spring has sprung around these parts and we are singing and swinging and getting merry like summer. We have planted our garden, wrapping up our school year ,and getting ready for the next round of pigs we’ll raise this summer for the Sate Fair in the fall. So we are busy. To add just a wee bit more.... we are also pregnant….again. Though we have known for a few weeks we have been trying to keep the info under wraps for as long as my little sticky bun and my out of shape body will allow.  We knew that soon SOMEONE would figure it out and the the ridicule would begin. I can’t even put into words some of the feelings other folks made me feel by some of  their hurtful well intended…er advice. But, I digress,  a friend…(well I thought she was my friend) exclaimed loudly “ I thought you guys..FIXED that  problem”. Well news flash Sherlock…….. guess not!  Some time this winter a new little one will help fill up our 12 passenger van.
If you have something positive to say….bring it on . If you have a negative nasty remark…keep it. I’ll try to keep you posted of some of the remarks we’ll hear as the news continues to leak…..meanwhile until I’m waddling with a watermelon in my gut let’s keep this between us. Shhhhhhhhh! ; 0 )

Our Spring Trip

Family Pics 2009 1697

Earlier this month  I attended  a conference in New Orleans, LA . Since the conference fell during the week , and my hubs was off work, we loaded the entire family up for a road trip. While I was in session and fulfilling appointments during the day, my husband and kids toured the city. Here are some photo’s of their experience at The Audubon Aquarium. I’ll post these over a few days so you won’t be overloaded with picture heavy posts.

Family Pics 2009 1681


crew outside the hotel

Family Pics 2009 1696Mocha Princess in a clam shell

Family Pics 2009 1701Sea Life

Family Pics 2009 1698Diva Darling

Family Pics 2009 1699

Caules and Mocha


Family Pics 2009 1705 Their favorite activity…feeding the stingrays

Monday, April 19, 2010

Birthday Season 2010

I bet you’re wondering where I’ve been…..I we’ve been busy around these parts doing all sorts of things. March 7 marked the beginning  of our household birthday season 2010. As you can well imagine, there is always a birthday being celebrated in our house of 9. ;0) It’s been my plan to highlight the birthday child on his or her special day. So…well. you know how that goes. What the saying???? Best laid plans of mice and men….any who. I’m here doing it now because I feel bad for not having done so already and also because next week our house will celebrate the births of the twins , my beloved, my grandmother, two aunt and moi. All that in three days…followed by my sister on May 3.  But, enough of my rambling let’s get to the birthday boy. From birth sweet boy has been different. Not in the sense of having special needs, but having a knack for being gentle, patient, giving and loving. He truly would give you the shirt off his back this boy. Family Pics 2009 1117

He was born 11 months after his twin brothers who were born three months prematurely. Though the twins are fine now, in the beginning they had  a billion appointments and one twin seemed to always be crying. So as a baby, he spent a great deal of time being nurtured and loved by siblings and grandparents. Aside from nursing, he seemed to always be doing his own thing and patiently waiting. Waiting for his turn to nurse ( at the time I was nursing 4 of my own kids and wet nursing 1….in know…..CRAZZZZZYYYY )or be bathed or changed …etc. The key was patient. He always waited patiently. Fast forward a few years and his sweet  patient spirit remains. I look at him know and wonder what happened to the time. He’s ten and focused on finding God’s will for his life. Today he was asking me if I thought it would be okay if he moved my oldest son ( who is autistic) to his house once he has established himself somewhere, so that his Dad and myself can travel to some places alone for a change. Sweet huh????