Thursday, February 25, 2010

Choosing Joy…..

Choose Joy. Several times over  the last week I have heard this statement. Over the course of any given week, my life journey takes me down many roads. Long winding roads, straight roads , muddy roads , beautifully landscaped roads,  and dark pot hole filled roads. Although, the scenery is different on each path, I am the same. Each road brings it’s own successes and failures. That being said, I have confession,I think know I‘ve been focusing to much attention on the failures . My own personal failures and those of my family. It’s an easy thing to do. In our world and culture it’s quite easy to find the negative and the cons to almost every issue/situation. You have to really work to find the positive points. Today, I want to  a different journey. A journey that purposes to build hope, nurture dreams , and believe the impossible.  Most importantly, a journey  that CHOOSES JOY!

If I had my child to raise........

If I had my child to raise...

"If I had my child to raise all over again I'd build self-esteem first, & the house later. I'd fingerpaint more, & point the finger less. I'd do less correcting & more connecting. I'd take my eyes off my watch, & watch with my eyes. I'd take more hikes & fly more kites. I'd stop playing serious, & seriously play. I wou...ld run through more fields & gaze at more stars. I'd do more hugging & less tugging" - Diane Loomans
The good news's not  never too late!! There is still time to correct mistakes and heal hurts. Just a thought.....

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our Southern Snow Day!!!!!!

Very rarely do we get snow here in our neck of the woods. In fact, many winter seasons come and go without me ever REALLY unpacking and wearing all my favorite heavy coats, mittens, scarves, scully caps, and boots. Sooooo, when the forecast predicted a "wintry mix" a few weeks back, I disregarded it. Did not even bat an eye at making any real preparations for "wintry weather". What do those weather guys know anyway? And how often are they WRONG!!!!. Was I in for a surprise when I got up to let Bella (our cocker spaniel) out for a morning potty break. Without even thinking I opened the door and told her  to "move,qucikly". Sensing her hesitation, and feeling that cold draft (brrrrrr), I peeked out to see this:

WOW!!!Serves me right huh? Having grown up playing in snow, it was a beautiful sight, but the last thing I wanted was to GO out to PLAY in it. Of course that's exactly what my little ones wanted to do. Even though it was only 7 am. After some coaxing ( hubs was on board with me) we all bundled up. Albeit in a rag tag fashion, 'cause of course we had no clue where our REAL winter gear was. Since winters here are usually pretty mild, all we had readily available was a few light jackets.  On average,our  lows are in the upper 40's and 50's on a really cold day.  Here are some snap shots of us enjoying our southern snow sent straight to us from God! My three year old excitedly exclaimed " Mom, God sent us frosty kisses from Heaven!!". So to sum it all up.

Headed to Grandparents to play!
Our poorly atempt at a Snowman!

Our Snow Expense Chart:
$35 Take -out Pizza for Dinner Day # 1
$8 Spent at local Dollar Store to purchase  Extra Mittens and Scullys
$ 14 Ready cut Wood for Fireplace
# of minutes wasted  searching for  elusive snow gear: 45
# of minutes to discover the little ones had outgrown their super cute snow boots: 20
2 1/2 Gorgeous, Super Fantastic snow days away from work&school with the family= PRICELESS

A few things about me....

After the spirit of my last post, I think it's fair to set the record straight about who I am. So here goes.

1. I am a child of the Living God!!!! ( who is most grateful for his grace and mercy)
2. I'm on a muti-faceted journey to become a better Christ follower, Wife, Mom, student of scripture,     homeschooler.
3. I want the best for my children.
4. I'm a Baptist who sometimes find it hard to let go of some of the tenets of my Methodist upbringing.
5. I LOVE my huband with every fiber of my being. Some days he is the very air I breathe.
6. I'm a Coca-Cola addict . Who does'nt want or need reform ; )
7. I struggle to find the skinny chick who once answered to my name.
To be continued.......

Critics......summed up.

A fellow homeschool Mom contacted me this week to give me some "correction". She wanted me to know that she has been following me on here and that I was WAY off base as a blogger. She told me, I should tighten my ship up an turn on spell check, and to make sure that I always have, subject/verb agreement. I took her advice....I thought about it for over 4 hours....know what I came up with. BUZZZ OFF!!!!! Last time I checked, this was MY space. I spend my day molding the lives of 7 little souls and encouraging women to nurse their babies. While those pursuits are quite noble and bring me immeasurable joy; they each are only a fraction of who I really am.  At the end of those actvities I need a place that is my own. A place where I can be me...unwind...let my hair down and just BE !!! This is that spot, for the time being. If you don't like it ...don't read it! And  you know what really gets my goat about the whole thing. She has not come of of the "shadows" to follow me publicly. She just stalks and critiques and goes on and on about what I am not . All in the comfort of being anonymous. Well guess what I'm a be me. That's right...(I was told I should avoid cultural vernacular as well ; ) WTH???  And by the way, if you are looking for a well written blog in which grammar and puntuation  rules are never ignored....this aint that spot. But I'm sure you knew that already.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday......

I'm blessed beyond measure. I know this. My dh knows this and anyone in our small circle knows this as well. However, it can be difficult (sometimes) to count those blessings and be always joyful in the most depressed circumstances of our culture . I suspect that I am like many other homeschooling Moms that I know. My deepest desire is to raise children who are socially aware, intelligent, well rounded, well read......and the list could go on forever. Lately, it seems that the exact opposite is lurking around nearly every bend in the long country dirt road of our lives. My children are learning and doing well academically, socially, and spritiually. I read the blogs of other home educating families and they apppear to be having educational experiences that are not much different from my own. Sure, we complete our assignments and most days we do it with ease and with  measurable amounts of learning acheived. Then before we can shut our books and pack awy our matierals, I am struck with a thought. A gut wrenching thought born in  recesses of my often cynical mind .I wonder and ponder if this is truly the path I was destined to travel. If by chance, I perhaps stumbled into someone else" wonderland" and one day I'll awake to a different path. Am I truly serving my children by walking this path, choosing this lifestyle?? I'd like to think so. On these days, I need my cirlce of fellow homeschooling Moms the most. I need their encouragement, silent smiles and nods of understanding. Women who not only understand, but also appreciate this journey/call/ conviction I feel compelled to fulfill by choosing to invest my time and talents in the future leaders of our culture.