Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ahhhh Spring

The "friend" we found in the flower bed.. yes, it is  was a copperhead

My flip flop lovin' feet are STOKED that Spring has arrived. We have been busy getting the homestead ready for the season by weeding flower beds, tilling, mixing manure and compost in the garden. Late last month the whole family went with me to conference in NOLA.  Rah and the kids visited our favorite sites around the city. Sorry for the quality of the pics...we have a budding photographer who experimented quite  a bit while we were away with his camera. The best thing about this excursion was my hubby FINALLY  got why everyone needs a vacay every now and again. These few days away gave us a recharge and a much needed distraction from some things that are going on with my health.( more on that next post) Growing up my family always took 2 vacays a year, his family took "staycations" when he was a kid.  Despite my suggestions over the years,  he could not be convinced that everyone needs a change of scenery. Now, he totally gets it, Thank God! There will be a vacation this summer. YIPPEE!!
Daddy and the littles in a tree @ Audubon Park

Our own resident Steve Irwin wrestles the gator!!!

The older two take a stab at Gator nabbing!

The Whole Gang enjoyingthe Audubon Zoo


MichelleZ said...

We haven't had a poisonous snake yet and I am really hoping that he chickens and the king snakes that we have around will keep them at bay.

I have thought you to be a very brave woman in the past to have such a large family, and the alligator picture really amazed me...that you could calmly take a picture while your children wrestle an alligator yes, I know it is a small one, but still...then I realized it was a statue. :)

New Orleans is always a wonderful place to visit and it looks like your family had a great time. My husband and I grew up in South Louisiana.

Adriane said...

We love Audubon Zoo. It is a great place. We need to take the three little ones there. Loved your pictures. :0)