Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happening around here...

Baby Girl ponders the lens

Our 11 year old
 Spring is peeking out around here!!!! YAY!!! That makes my heart  and feet (which seem to prefer perpetual flip-flops ;-) happy! Over the past few weeks, we have celebrated the 11th birthday of our Y2K baby boy, the baby turned 2 months old and I went back to work. Whew!!! Some days, I barely can catch my breath. I have "written" several posts in my mind and when I sit down, and try to put pen to paper, it does'nt seem to come out right. KWIM??? But today I decided that I should just "free write" here. Stop comparing my blog to others I follow, and just be myself. Easier said than done. Have a Happy Thursday!!!

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