Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Birthdays Take 2


M3 around the azaleas

Yesterday we celebrated the birth of M3 and M4. It’s hard to believe that it has been twelve years since you guys came into our lives. Before I could even get used to the idea of having twins, you guys were born. Those first few weeks were quite rocky largely due to you guys arriving 3 months early, but also because we quickly went from 2 kids to 4.  I barely caught my breath in those early days. Here at 12 years out, I can truly say it’s be a fantastic voyage. I am excited about watching you become men; yet I’m anxious about it at the same time. It seems like I was just teaching you to walk, talk, potty train. 691 

M4 around the azaleas

With each passing day I learn more of who you are and you guys are getting to the stage where you talk less to me. So after all my complaining about the mundane…I now long to know about the mundane happenings of your days. Now we talk about more mature subjects like, your future aspirations, not judging a book by the cover, and why Daddy and I chose to educate you guys at home. Time has really flown by, I hope the next few years s-l-o-w down a bit. I’m not quite ready for the next leg of this journey…...the one where I’ll have to let you spread your wings and leave the nest….*heavy sigh*** tear,tear.


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Naturaleza said...

And they shall call you 'Blessed'
They will make you proud, I'm sure!