Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The ball has dropped…..well sort of…

Well spring has sprung around these parts and we are singing and swinging and getting merry like summer. We have planted our garden, wrapping up our school year ,and getting ready for the next round of pigs we’ll raise this summer for the Sate Fair in the fall. So we are busy. To add just a wee bit more.... we are also pregnant….again. Though we have known for a few weeks we have been trying to keep the info under wraps for as long as my little sticky bun and my out of shape body will allow.  We knew that soon SOMEONE would figure it out and the the ridicule would begin. I can’t even put into words some of the feelings other folks made me feel by some of  their hurtful well intended…er advice. But, I digress,  a friend…(well I thought she was my friend) exclaimed loudly “ I thought you guys..FIXED that  problem”. Well news flash Sherlock…….. guess not!  Some time this winter a new little one will help fill up our 12 passenger van.
If you have something positive to say….bring it on . If you have a negative nasty remark…keep it. I’ll try to keep you posted of some of the remarks we’ll hear as the news continues to leak…..meanwhile until I’m waddling with a watermelon in my gut let’s keep this between us. Shhhhhhhhh! ; 0 )


Adriane said...

Well, I am excited that you are having another little one. I'm praying that others will see what a blessing these little ones are. I'm praying for you, Rah, and your family. You know where I am if you need an ear! Love, Age

Brooke said...

I just saw you and did NOT KNOW I am so excited COngrats this is so cool!! I had ours fixed and regret it every single day! a BABY is a blessing ppl can keep their mouths SHUT!!!!

MichelleZ said...

Congratulations! Why would you not want to add a new addition to that beautiful family you have. People can be very insenstive. We are going to have baby 4 in about a month and it is amazing the comments that I receive, and I don't feel like we have a large family. Anyway, I am happy for you guys. Prayers for a safe pregnancy and safe delivery.

CandidCrystal said...

How are you feeling? I think it's wonderful that you and your husband are so blessed to welcome another little one to the family. I mean seriously, after four, it's like what's one more? I think it's wonderful to be able to have such a big family!

We're on number four and except for ONE friend who has left conceiving completely in the hands of the Most High, pretty much comments have been less than supportive. Especially after the "oh two girls and two boys, now you can quit! are done right?"....To which I answer "well hubby said for now." Oh yeah, that ALWAYS elicits some interesting looks and comments. lol

Congrats to you and your family!

Qtpies7 said...

It'll be fun having our 8th babies together!
I look at the comments and nay-sayers as a ministry. If you stay joyful and positive, even after what they say, it will go a long way towards showing what a blessing kids really are.

It is tough when it is "friends" who are negative, or even family.
Find some great jokes to rebutt their comments!

We have made it abundantly clear to the people in our church over the years that we let the Lord choose, and that each child is welcome and loved and rejoiced over. We look forward to more if the Lord wills. We have had so few negative comments from that route! I guess we paved the way before we were pregnant, and now people rejoice with us when we have more, even though they think we are NUTS, haha. I don't mind being thought of as nuts, I am beyond blessed, and my kids are amazing and well behaved, and that says a LOT to the naysayers.