Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It seems that I have fallen and ......I can't get up. I'm stuck somewhere between caring and not. Really, to be honest, I just want to just pack up a suitcase and head out. Surely everything that I am responsible for can rock on without me right??? I hate  detest being woe is me...but feel like everyone is entitled to go there once a quarter so goes..   I am so very sure that God must have me in the "permanently grounded"  line. I find myself on my parenting journey questioning what went wrong. Did I take a wrong turn somewhere...miss a mile marker perhaps? Surley this tweenage girl in my home is a different speciaes than I. Never in a bajillion ( yes I made up a word) years would I have envisoned talking to my parents with the tone she uses so effortlessly. Was I ever this self-centered and self-asorbed????  Then moving on to the next issue that completely blows my mind.... I have a son whose sole mission in life is to not ever do ANYTHING well. for example, in lieu of selecting clean clothing to wear ( out of his drawers.)..he culls the soiled laundry that his brothers have discarded !!!!! He does'nt brush his teeth on any schedule and deodorant is merely considered optional.  Did I really give birth to these people???? What happened????

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Brooke said...

All I can do is laugh so hard at this I COULD have written this many many times