Sunday, September 6, 2009

This Parenting Journey

What a long, tear filled, strange, trip raising a "tweenage" girl is. I am SO convinced that it will be no small miracle for me to survive this journey with my sanity, hair and good working nerves. I have to remind myself almost every hour that I am not walking this walk alone. The Lord does not give you anymore more than you can bear right???? Sometimes I question this idea too. I was so not designed to be a girls mom. Since I 'm not a "girly-girl" , I often come up empty when it comes to relating to my girl who is now a converted tom boy. She used to ENJOY dirt and bugs and all things dirty. Now she is prim and proper and discovering that creature called BOYS!!!! Imagine my angst ; ) ! Yes, this will be a long , tear filled, strange, trip trip. I guess I have to just buckle up and hang on for the ride. : )

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Adriane said...

Mackey, I am praying for you and her in all of this. For what it's mom is not really a girly-girl. I was such a tomboy and then morphed into a girly-girl (sort of) and we just never did girly type stuff together. And I put her through a lot of crud. Yet, she is one of my closest friends in the world to this day. The thing that kept my heart strings tied to her was that she loved me unconditionally even when I messed up royally. So...this may not really be much help esp. since my girls are young still and I can't really relate yet. But you're doing a good job as a mom and you're right when you say that the Lord is right there walking with you!